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Water Savings

With increasingly frequent droughts and a rising awareness of how important it is it to conserve water, we think it’s wise to make the most of the water we do have. There are many ways aqueco can help you to achieve this, including:

  • Making simple, minor modifications, such as fitting a water-saving aerated shower head or tap. These can cost from as little as £60 fitted.
  • Modifying your plumbing so you can re-use bath water to irrigate your garden, or rainwater to flush your toilet.
  • Install a new, high-efficiency and stylish plumbing and heating system for you.

aqueco also offers general advice on the way you use water – suggesting changes which will cost you nothing but will cut your water use and therefore bills if you’re metered.

Let us give you a clear range of options from which to choose by having a free consultation.